Friday, September 25, 2009

Anatomy of a cow

Alex enjoys long conversations in the car. Maybe question and answer sessions is more accurate - him questioning, me trying to think of a plausible answer while negotiating afternoon traffic. He could be the next Kerry O'Brien.

Here's an excerpt:

Alex: 'Mum, where are a cow's boobs?

Me: Well, they're called udders and they're underneath their body...

Alex: They're near their bum aren't they? (giggles)

Me: Well, yes I suppose so...

Alex: Do they have two boobs near their bum or one?

Me (feeling a bit ddefensive about the use of the term 'boobs' to describe a cow, especially as I am currently breastfeeding Maya): Well, they're called udders Alex and they only have one

Alex: If they only have one why did you say UDDERS and not UDDER?

Me (thinking, is it because there is more than one teat, how do I explain that???): Well I suppose I was describing more than one cow

Alex (apparently satisfied with this, discontinues questioning and decides to issue a summation): SO, the cow's udders are near its bum, and if they had them up here (I suppose he gesturing to his chest but since I'm making a left turn I can't see) and then they stood up straight the baby cow wouldn't be able to reach them to get any milk so they have to have them down near their bum so the baby cow can reach them I want to go to a farm and see a baby cow drinking milk from its mum's boob can I mum?

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