Friday, December 11, 2009

The ins and outs of Santa

Alex is working on wrapping his mind around this Santa thing. As is his wont, he is asking many and varied questions to get a grip on how it all works. The other day he expressed some scepticism. "Mum, I don't know how that guy can take presents to every kid in the world at one time," he mused, rhetorically I hoped. "You wouldn't be the first kid to think that," I commented by way of response.

Also, no photos with Santa again this year, because "I don't want to sit next to a guy dressed as Santa, you can just tell him what I want instead."

His pre-school teachers must be more convincing than me. "Mum, Jess has a hippo on her roof eating cake, and Emma has to use a ladder to go up on the roof and get it down!" he announced wide-eyed. So he buys that, but still, the Santa thing has holes in it.

And finally, a comment on Santa's digestive system. After going to the toilet himself, Alex commented, " Santa must do lots of poos." Dare I ask why? "Because of all that food kids leave out for him to eat, he must have to poo a lot."

"Alex," I replied, "you may well be the first kid to think that."

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