Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A private matter

Sometimes Alex likes to test out new words he has recently heard, to ensure he understands them correctly and has them in the right context. He's been asking me whether I'm 'concentrating' on things a lot and also enquiring as to whether I am finding some task or another 'frustrating'.

I think he may have missed the mark just a little yesterday when, after I settled him and Maya into the bath, he informed me, "Mum, Maya and I would like some privacy." I explained that although I would dearly love to be able to accommodate, common sense prevents me from leaving two small children to their own devices in the bath.

He got it right today though when he told me he needed to do a poo but could I please not come in as he wanted some privacy. And, shutting the door behind me, that's exactly what he got.*

* Until, of course, minutes later when the "I'm finissssshed" call-to-wipe came echoing through the house.

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