Thursday, September 23, 2010

Master negotiator

This morning Alex had two pieces of toast with honey for breakfast. Then he asked for a bowl of Weet Bix. One bite into the Weet Bix and he wanted two more pieces of toast. I was reluctant to make them as I thought his eyes were getting too big for his belly so I said that once he had finished the Weet Bix, I would make the toast.

"No mummy," he said, remaining calm and rational (not the "noooooo!" whine I had expected), " I do need the toast to be in front of me at the same time as the Weet Bix. I just do."

I repeated that I didn't want him to run out of space and waste food.

"I promise you," he assured me, "It won't be wasted. Mummy, I still love you but I'm not happy about this. I really want you to make me the toast now. Please." I could see him mustering the strength to control himself as he looked at me plaintively.

I suppressed a smile and agreed to make the toast. I wanted to trust his judgement and reward him for asking in such a polite way instead of whinging. I figured if he then wasted the toast, my point about not wasting food would be made for future reference. But do you know what? He ate the whole thing.


  1. I hope one day to see this blog in a theatre near me (but not Charlestown Hoyts - $10 ain't worth a back injury!)

  2. What a polite little fella he is. I can't wait for the whining to stop. Sadly I think it may be with Jack for life. xx

  3. I'm still trying to figure out whether it was politeness or an incredibly canny way of getting what he wants! Am I a good role model or have I been played? :-)

  4. and lol re Charlestown Hoyts - I'll try to aim higher than that!

  5. Oh I just love the "I still love you but I'm not happy about this" - wonder where he got that from hmmm? Priceless.

    How old is Alex? Our Mr 8 eats almost as much as our 14 year old at the moment and like you, I constantly doubt his ability to eat the layers of extra toast he asks for at various times through the day - but he does.

    Shame you lost out on the food-wasting point! :-) Oh well...