Friday, June 19, 2009

Special delivery

Alex: "Mum, what happened when I was born?"

Me:"You came out of my tummy."

Alex: "Mum, what happened when Maya was born?"

Me: "She came out of my tummy."

Alex: "Was it at the hospital?"

Me: "Yes."

Alex: "Did the doctor get her out?"

Me: "Yes."

Alex: "Why didn't you know how to get her out yourself? Was Daddy there? Did he help?" (I'm not joking, this all came straight from his brain)...

Me (thinking desperately for an appropriate analogy) : "Well I kind of knew, I just needed some help, like when you go to the toilet, or put trousers on, you know how to, but you need some help..."

Alex (thinks for a while):"...But Mum, it was really Daddy that took her out wasn't it?"

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